Are You Fit to be King???

1. Living life in the "ordinary"

Some of you are familiar with the movie The Lion King where Simba, the lion prince fled into exile after his father, the king Mufasa was killed by his evil brother Scar. In exile, Simba for years lived as an ordinary lion, living an ordinary life, and an ordinary existence. 

However later an adult Simba had an encounter that changed his life; the spirit of his deceased father told him that it was time that Simba take his rightful place as king, and reclaim his authority.  We all know that in the end Simba overthrew his evil uncle Scar and in fact did take his rightful place as King of the Jungle. 

How many of you like Simba are living an:

  • ordinary existence

  • ordinary life

  • ordinary marriage

  • ordinary family

2. Are you "Fit to be King"?

Do you know that as a man, God has called you to take your rightful place and live as a king?

But what does it mean to live as a “king”? Does it mean to dominate your wife and rule over your children? Does it mean that everyone should bow down and serve you?

There is a wrong view of what authority means and there is a correct view, if you take the wrong view of authority it can damage you and those around you, however if you take the correct view of authority and how to use it then it can completely change your life and bless those around you. 

Are you ready to answer the call to kingship and rightfully claim your authority? Are you ready to reclaim your marriage, your family and your finances? Are you ready to reclaim the things that may have been taken from you? 

Are you ready to walk as a “king" and take dominion over your territory?

3. Get Ready to Claim your Throne

If you are ready to accept this challenge then I invite you to join our movement “Fit for a King”:

4. "Fit for a King"

As a subscriber and Facebook group member you will also receive regular content that will challenge you to be the best version of yourself, take proper dominion over your territory, and be the “king” that God created you to be. You will also receive the latest fashion advice, as well as discounts on the latest products from our online store. 

If you accept this challenge and join us then you are helping to strengthen a movement that our country and our world desperately needs, and that is the call for men to properly lead their families and become leaders in their communities, and as a result help shape the future for this generation and countless generations to come. 

Courtney A. Jones
Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Inspire Apparel, LLC
Fit for a King