About Us

7 years ago I went to a local street fair and I saw a t-shirt that caught my attention. On the front of the shirt it said “Black Genius Inside”. I purchased the shirt, and when I wore it, I felt like a “black genius”. I wanted to give people that same uplifting feeling that I felt that August day in 2015 and that’s the reason why I created “Inspire Apparel”. 

At Inspire Apparel, our mission is to “Uplift the world through apparel”. We want to uplift people through our line of products, and we believe very strongly that your overall well-being and level of success is strongly determined by how you view yourself.

We are launching a new line of products called “Fit for A King” because we believe that every man should view themselves as a “King” and we hope that our line of products will inspire you just as it inspired me 7 years ago and that you will view yourself as nothing less than the "King" that you are.

Courtney A. Jones

Founder and CEO

Inspire Apparel